Advanced Air Purification Keeps Dental Patients Safe

“Aerosol” is a word we’ve all heard a lot lately, thanks to COVID-19. In dentistry, it’s also something we’re constantly aware of and safeguarding ourselves against. Especially when it comes to using specific types of equipment that may spray or generate droplets from a person’s saliva.

Thankfully, advanced technology now exists that allows us to remove aerosols as soon as they’re created. Using negative pressure via high volume suctions, advanced air purification, and air filtration technology, there’s less chance than ever for particles to leave the room or risk transfer to another person. Combined with heightened surface disinfection strategies, these added air filtration measures keep our patients in The Woodlands and Conroe as safe as possible.

Safety and cross-contamination measures have always been one of our priorities. But in times where novel viruses and pandemics become a part of our lives, extra measures must be taken to ensure normalcy and safe care practices. Investing in added protection, filtration, and safety protocols allows us to provide advanced care in a confident and effective manner. That way you won’t have to worry about leaving the house or accessing the care you need.

What We’re Doing

Each patient care procedure is completed in a room that utilizes advanced air purification. In fact, our office is currently using three different types of purification measures. So, if there are any aerosols created during your specific procedure, they won’t be able to travel far from that immediate area. And once the treatment is complete, we use hospital-grade disinfectants to decontaminate every surface that’s touched within the clinical area. Even if you can’t see anything, the area is sanitized.

On top of heightened standard precautions, our staff are also enhancing the level of personal protective equipment (PPE) used, due to what we know about the respiratory spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. This step doesn’t just protect us during the services we provide, it also eliminates the opportunity for patient-to-patient risk, by eliminating the opportunity for cross contamination.

You’ll find that the extra screening measures we’re taking may seem a bit intense (such as taking your temperature when you arrive, monitoring our staff’s temperatures, and even having you check-in from your car) but your safety is our priority. Keeping you healthy involves a balance between oral wellness as well as overall health. After all, the two are interrelated!

Safe, Quality Care in The Woodlands/Conroe

Dr. Kip Saunders is one of The Woodland’s most experienced periodontal experts. As a leader in the oral health industry, we continue to work to stay abreast of the highest standards in patient safety. Yes, even during a pandemic. That way you can continue to access dental care, even when things aren’t quite “back to normal.”

Are you looking for a periodontist or cosmetic dentist in The Woodlands or Conroe? We provide flexible scheduling options to meet your needs. Dr. Saunders specializes in dental implants, gummy smile treatments, and related periodontal procedures. Call us today to request an exam.


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