What To Expect During Your Sedation Procedure

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Jul 04, 2019

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If it’s your first time to undergo dental sedation, it’s natural to feel a bit nervous about how everything will play out. When you’re seeing a specialist like Dr. Kip Saunders in The Woodlands, you can rest assured that you’re in great hands. We’ve been providing gentle sedation dentistry in Conroe for over 30 years!

Your sedation experience will depend on the type of analgesic and sedative medication that you’re receiving. Even with sedation, we’ll use local anesthetic to thoroughly numb the area of your mouth being worked on.

Based on the type of procedure planned and your previous experiences, we’ll recommend one of the following:

Nitrous Oxide Sedation (“Laughing Gas”) — Laughing gas is one of the gentlest and fastest-acting dental sedatives available. It’s frequently used in family dental practices in Houston as well as specialty offices likes ours in The Woodlands.

With nitrous oxide, you breath in a combination of nitrous gas and pure oxygen through a soft nosepiece. The relaxing, sometimes tingly side-effects take just a few minutes to kick in. You’ll be fully aware of everything going on around you, but you won’t feel as nervous.

Once your procedure is over, we’ll turn on 100% oxygen and have you breathe steadily through your nosepiece for about five minutes until all of the analgesic effects wear off.

Oral Sedation — For a deeper analgesic option, oral conscious sedation is the most frequently preferred method. With oral sedation you take a medication an hour before your planned surgery. By the time the procedure starts, you’ll usually feel like you’re dreaming your way through it, if you remember anything at all. Most people experience light amnesia.

If you want to feel like you’re taking a light nap or don’t want to know what’s going on, then this type of sedation dentistry in The Woodlands may be your best go-to.

IV Conscious Sedation — For complex oral surgeries or instances where someone is suffering from significant anxiety or dental phobia, IV conscious sedation is recommended. IV sedation uses a small intravenous line to deliver medication directly into your circulatory system. It’s fast-acting and easily monitored. You’ll enjoy the deepest sedation experience and will likely be unaware of everything going on around you.

As Your Sedative Wears Off

Other than nitrous oxide procedures, our Conroe sedation dentistry patients will likely experience prolonged drowsiness as their medication wears off. It’s not safe to drive or operate heavy machinery after a sedation procedure, so be sure to have a friend or family member accompany you to our office.

Be careful about eating anything at first, as some people experience mild nausea after sedation. Your mouth will still be numb for several hours until the local anesthetic wears off.

Is Sedation Right for You?

Are you planning an upcoming gum surgery, dental implant placement, or laser snoring procedure? Ask about our sedation dentistry options in North Houston to help you feel comfortable and confident for the entire visit!

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Kip Saunders of Conroe today or ask your general dentist for a referral to our specialty practice. New patients are always welcome!

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