What Does A Periodontist Do For Periodontal Disease?

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Oct 16, 2018

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“My dentist told me I need to see a Periodontist. Frankly, I’m a bit nervous. What can I expect when I visit the Periodontist?”

What is a Periodontist?

A Periodontist is a dentist who has received three or more years of specialized training to become an expert in diagnosing, treating, and preventing gum disease. They also receive advanced training in implantology. A periodontal office, such as ours, is equipped with the latest technology and treatment advances to effectively treat gum infections as minimally-invasive and comfortable as possible.

What will happen on my first visit to the Periodontist?

As a new patient to our office, you will receive a thorough examination, including a review of your medical and dental history. We will be evaluating for bone loss, loose teeth, infected gums, receded gums, missing teeth, and do an oral cancer screening. If your general dentist doesn’t have any current x-rays to share with us, we will take them to help with the diagnosis.

Will it hurt?

We will be as gentle as possible. We use a small periodontal probe to gently measure the depth of the gum crevice. Healthy gums are not tender and do not bleed easily during this procedure. Infected gums have pocket depths of 4-12mm, bleed easily upon probing, and are generally sensitive. We have a numbing rinse you can swish with before this part of the exam. It is important to us that you have a good experience.

Will I need gum surgery?

Not everyone needs periodontal surgery. In our office we can offer many options for the treatment of gum disease, depending on your needs. For example, the use of the Perioscope, a fiber optic “pocket camera,” takes a deep cleaning from ordinary to extraordinary by ensuring all the tartar under the gum line has been removed. So critical. Our office is one of the few offices using that technology.

What if I choose not to have gum treatment?

Periodontal disease is like heart disease. It is painless and progressive. It will not go away without help. Waiting may cause teeth to be lost and jeopardize your health. Treating gum disease early will preserve your smile, your health, and save you money.

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