Treat Snoring With A Laser

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER May 14, 2019

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Do you or your spouse struggle with chronic snoring almost every night? While there are a number of risk factors that you can have someone “control” over (like weight gain or alcohol consumption) there are some that you do not.

For instance, your oral anatomy. Have you ever wondered if it’s the way your upper airway is formed that’s causing you to snore at night? If you have a large neck circumference, small jaw, or other types of anatomy that interfere with your upper airway, it could be that the cause of your snoring is due to tissues interfering with air flow.

How Lasers Can Help

During your oral exam at our office in The Woodlands, we will evaluate your upper airway for things like enlarged tonsils, a “low” soft palate, enlarged tongue, “short” jaw, or other soft tissues that affect the diameter of space that you’re breathing through.

If there’s an excess of soft tissues, we can use state-of-the-art laser technology called NightLase to treat your snoring or more aggressive health problems like sleep apnea.

Lasers reduce the size of soft tissues, widening your airway so that you can breathe in a less restricted manner.

It Could be More Than Snoring

Snoring is usually a symptom of more severe health problems like sleep apnea. If you’ve always struggled with snoring and notice other problems like fatigue, headaches, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, you owe it to yourself and your family to get screened for a sleeping disorder.

Our specialist in The Woodlands offers everything from laser snoring treatments to oral sleep appliances to help with issues like snoring and sleep-disordered breathing. Both methods are straightforward and non-invasive.

If you’ve refrained from getting help with your snoring because you’re afraid that a Conroe sleep specialist will put you in a CPAP machine, then laser treatment with NightLase is a great alternative snoring treatment worth considering.

What to Expect

NightLase treatments can be completed in 1-3 laser sessions. Most of our patients see results as quickly as the first night. But since the soft tissue at the back of your throat can rejuvenate itself, you may find that you need to have “touch up” treatments once a year or so.

During your procedure, you can be awake but most of our patients prefer light sedation. NightLase allows us to accurately adjust the delicate tissues without any cutting, pain, or discomfort following your procedure. Laser dentistry and surgery make it easier for you to recover without any prescription medication or extra time off of work.

After laser snoring treatment, the back of your throat may feel a little scratchy. But that’s it! The laser gently cauterizes the tissue where your airway is treated, so you won’t have any sutures or swelling.

Is Laser Snoring Treatment Right for You?

We invite you to schedule a no-pressure consultation with specialist, Periodontist in The Woodlands. During your snoring evaluation, we’ll discuss if lasers or an oral appliance can help! Flexible 0% interest financing is available.

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