Three Things You Didn’t Know About Teeth Grinding

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER May 13, 2019

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Chronic teeth grinding and clenching — aka “bruxism” — is a subconscious habit that can wreak havoc on your smile’s appearance. From flattened and jagged tooth surfaces to broken dental work, even tooth enamel (which happens to be the strongest substance in your entire body) can’t stand up to excessive wear.

But bruxism isn’t something that most people can just stop doing on their own. Since it’s normally a habit that happens while you’re sleeping or concentrating, teeth grinding tends to go unnoticed until you feel the muscle tension creeping through your TMJ.

It Can Cause Migraines

A stressful lifestyle can affect your body in dozens of different ways. If your commute across The Woodlands or Conroe into Houston is rough each day, you may be clenching your teeth the whole time you drive. Other people tend to take that stress with them when they go to sleep, clenching their teeth at night.

All of that muscle tension around your mouth can radiate through your face, head, neck, shoulders, and back. Headaches and migraines are common; you may notice muscle pain the most when you wake up first thing in the morning.

Instead of managing your pain with over-the-counter medication, spearhead the cause of your headaches where they start: at your mouth. This is especially important if you’re seeing damage to cosmetic and restorative dental work that you’ve invested in.

It’s Fairly Common in Kids

Parents often complain of their child exhibiting signs of teeth grinding while they sleep. The bruxism may be so obvious that you can hear it each time your child is napping. While medical conditions like sleep apnea or chronic allergies do need to be ruled out, minor grinding may be something that children simply grow out of as their baby teeth exfoliate (fall out).

Help for Teeth Grinding in Conroe

We offer bruxism guards for teeth grinding as well as laser sleep apnea/snoring treatments. If you struggle with chronic fatigue, tooth wear, and headaches, we recommend seeing our dental expert in The Woodlands to get screened for the underlying cause. When you know what’s contributing to your bruxism, we can take straightforward steps to address the problem and help you get a pain-free night’s sleep!

Ask how a custom snore appliance or laser treatment can help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Book a visit with us today.

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