Signs When A Tooth Needs to Be Extracted

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Feb 28, 2023

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If a tooth is infected, decayed, or severely damaged, it may need to be extracted. An extraction may also be needed in certain situations. Some of them include the following:

Severe Decay

If you have severe decay, we can recommend a new restoration option, like dental crowns and fillings. However, if the damage is too extensive for the tooth to support new restorations, an extraction may be your best option.

Before recommending an extraction procedure, we will thoroughly examine your tooth to determine if your jaw is the proper shape and size to accommodate a replacement. We will also take x-rays of your mouth to see if the surrounding bone is healthy enough to support the implant. If not, you may need to have bone grafting procedures in preparation for your dental implant.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

When the bacteria in plaque infect your gums, it can cause inflammation and even tooth loss. While regular brushing and flossing can help prevent gum disease, sometimes a professional cleaning is needed. If your condition is severe enough, you may need to be referred to a specialist who can perform a deep cleaning to remove bacteria and buildup from above and below the gum line.

Once you’ve lost a tooth to advanced periodontitis, there is no other option but to have it replaced as soon as possible. This makes dental implants an excellent solution! Rather than relying on adjacent teeth for support, an implant replaces the entire missing tooth structure with a durable new root for a dental implant crown or bridge. 

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Crowded, crooked teeth often include overcrowded or large gaps between teeth, which are often the result of missing or impacted wisdom teeth. These molars are the last to emerge and often do not grow properly. If they come in sideways or only partially emerge, they can cause painful overcrowding issues that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease if not treated immediately. Misaligned teeth are more difficult to keep clean, which can result in cavities and decay. Wisdom teeth can also cause pain when the gum tissue becomes inflamed due to infection.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of an infected wisdom tooth or have any questions about tooth extractions, schedule a consultation with your dental office today!

Fractured/ Broken Tooth

If a tooth is fractured or completely broken, there is no way to repair it. The fracture goes deep into the structure of the tooth. Sometimes extracting the damaged tooth can relieve the pain associated with its root exposure. The future replacement option depends on the extent of the damage. Full mouth reconstruction may be required if multiple teeth are extracted.

Severely cracked teeth can be extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Chewing is also typically painful. This makes it difficult to eat foods like grains and meats without experiencing discomfort. If the pain is not relieved by over-the-counter pain medications, it may be necessary to have an extraction performed.

If you’re looking for an experienced and professional dentist, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a variety of dental services, including preventative dentistry, emergency dentistry, cosmetic procedures, and more. We are committed to helping their patients have healthy mouths and beautiful smiles. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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