Should You Get TeethXpress?

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Sep 01, 2022

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TeethXpress is an innovative full-arch implant system that allows you to restore your entire smile at one time. Each customized treatment is tailored to your unique smile and physical characteristics, providing a truly one-of-a-kind permanent smile enhancement.

But if you’re still torn as to whether full mouth implants are right for you, here are some good indicators as to whether you’re ready to upgrade your oral health:

You’re Tired of Wearing Dentures

People who have had a lot of dental problems in the past tend to feel as if dentures will make all their woes go away. What they often find, however, is that extracting all of their teeth and replacing them with dentures turns out to be far less enjoyable than they expected. While dentures do help a lot of people, they’re not right for everyone. Especially if yours are uncomfortable or don’t fit very well.

You Want a Permanent Tooth Replacement

Who doesn’t wish they could have healthy, natural teeth all over again? A full arch implant system like TeethXpress gives you all of the advantages of permanent smile reconstruction. You’ll be able to wake up and take on the day without having to worry about anything rocking, slipping, or moving around at inconvenient times. Dental implants are the one and only way to permanently restore your smile in a way that mirrors natural teeth.

To Minimize the Day-to-Day Impact on Your Mouth

Living with TeethXpress dental implants is almost like having a natural smile. You won’t need to take an appliance out at night or soak your “teeth” in a glass. Just go about your normal activities, then brush and floss each day. TeethXpress is easy to clean—we recommend an electric toothbrush and separate water flosser—so there’s limited impact on your daily routine.

You Can Eat Whatever You Want

TeethXpress implants allow you to enjoy all of your favorite foods and drinks, whether it’s biting into a crisp apple, chewing a juicy steak, or even savoring the flavors of a great glass of wine. Since the durability of your new “teeth” is just as strong as natural ones, nothing is off the table. Plus, the streamlined shape of your hybrid restoration will free up the tastebuds that are often covered by removable dentures (giving your meals the rich flavors that you’ve been missing.)

You’re Working with an Implant Specialist

Not all dentists or implant providers offer full arch implant systems like TeethXpress. When you’re planning something as complex as replacing all your missing teeth, you want to work with a skilled implant specialist who has placed thousands of implants throughout their career. It’s just not worth the risk when it comes to something as delicate and relied upon as your entire smile. With a specialist, you know you’re in great hands.

Full Mouth Implants in The Woodlands

Visit our TeethXpress implant expert in The Woodlands today. Request a consultation to find out if this innovative treatment is right for you.


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