Should I Get Sedation During My Dental Treatment?

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER May 06, 2019

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Dental anxiety and phobia affect hundreds of people just in Conroe and The Woodlands. Unfortunately, it’s also something that prohibits a lot of individuals from getting the dental care that they need and deserve.

Fortunately, safe and comfortable sedation dentistry can help that. With sedation you’ll be able to relax through your procedure, finally catching up on the care you’ve been putting off for so long.

If you’re considering getting sedation during your next appointment with our Conroe periodontist, here are a few things to consider:

Would You Get the Treatment at All?

It’s ok to be honest. Without sedation, would you make the appointment to get your treatment, or would you feel too nervous? Sedation dentistry at our office in The Woodlands is there to help you feel confident about your care and intervene before oral health conditions get worse than they already are.

If You’re Able to Choose the Type of Sedation

Not all types of “sedation dentistry” are created the same. Some are gentler and milder than others, while on the other hand, there are medications that make you feel as if you’re napping through the entire visit.

We offer three types of sedation to choose from, depending on your comfort level and the type of procedure you have scheduled:

Nitrous Oxide — “Laughing gas” is a light analgesic sedative that allows you to remain fully conscious but feel significantly more relaxed.

Oral Sedation — Most people who opt for a stronger sedation than laughing gas will usually elect to have oral sedation. We will prescribe a pill that’s taken about an hour before your appointment. Although you’ll still be conscious, you likely won’t remember much of your visit.

IV Conscious Sedation — The deepest type of sedation that our Conroe specialist offers is one that uses intravenously delivered medication. This type of delivery allows for a deeper and faster sedation that’s easily managed and quickly turned off. While you’ll feel quite drowsy for some time afterwards, most people won’t remember anything about their procedure.

You Want “Everything Over and Done With”

Sometimes it’s possible to complete multiple procedures in one appointment, thanks to sedation. Since you’re in a deeply relaxed state, we will able to work more efficiently and for a longer period of time.

For example, if you’re thinking of having Teeth Express (similar to “All on 4” implant treatment,) then sedation is a great option!

You Have a Sensitive Gag Reflex

It’s not something you can help, but some people tend to not do well with someone else working inside of their mouth. If your throat gets tickled easily, then sedation could help to lessen your reflexes for a more comfortable experience.

Talk to Our Dental Specialist

During your dental sedation consultation, be sure to let our Conroe periodontist know about any specific health concerns you have, including medications that you’re taking.

Request a visit with us today to learn more about our sedation services during soft tissue and implant treatments!

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