Periodontitis And Diabetes

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Nov 18, 2019

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If you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, it’s crucial to be aware of the health of your gums. Why? Because scientific research shows a strong correllation between blood sugar levels and the presence of periodontal disease. 

As a periodontist in Conroe, our doctors at PCE observe this situation on a weekly basis. Someone with diabetes or uncontrolled blood sugar comes in for specialist care because of gum disease that they can’t control. But in an effort to treat periodontitis and keep it from recurring, the protocol for care is a holistic approach. Managing diabetes and gum disease is something that goes hand in hand, rather than focusing on one over the other. It must be done jointly. 

Why Does Gum Disease Hurt Diabetics So Much?

Diabetes is a unique medical condition that makes it difficult for the body to heal and recover from infections. People with diabetes are actually at a higher risk of poor circulation, making it hard for their bodies to get the nutrients and antibodies where they need to be. 

Scientific studies show that the presence of gum disease is usually correlated with unmanaged blood sugar levels, and when blood sugar levels are unregulated it is thereby more challenging to treat gum disease. They must both be treated consecutively, otherwise the two continue to compound upon one another. 

Aggressive periodontal disease can make it impossible for someone with diabetes to get their blood glucose in check, even if they’re eating right and taking medications like insulin. Continuing to follow all of the doctor’s orders but allowing the oral infection to go unmanaged will make diabetes care come to a standstill. 

However…when you start to treat periodontal disease and eliminate the bacteria causing the infection inside of your mouth, blood glucose levels are more likely to stabilize. 

The clinical studies show that people with diabetes who undergo treatment for gum disease tend to see better glucose level management and results from traditional medical care. Those who don’t receive dental care do not. 

Don’t Lose Your Smile Over Diabetes

Managing gum disease with diabetes isn’t impossible. With the help of a Conroe periodontist on your side, it’s easier than ever. Our practice in The Woodlands offers revolutionary laser gum treatments to eradicate infectious bacteria, generate new bone growth, and heal periodontal pockets better and faster than ever. Plus, it’s completely safe! We have one of the first Texas gum specialists to adopt laser technology and have been using it for well over a decade. 

Gum Therapy Improves Diabetes Symptoms

When you take the steps to treat periodontal disease, your body responds quite quickly to the boost that it provides to your immune system. Generally, diabetics who complete gum disease treatments will start to see an improvement in blood sugar levels within the next several days and weeks, with optimal results about three months post-treatment. 

When to See an Expert

If you have chronic bleeding or swollen gums between dental checkups — and you’re living with diabetes — you need to see a gum specialist. Call us to book a consultation with our periodontist in The Woodlands.

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