Make Water Flossing Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Jan 01, 2021

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What if we told you that you never had to floss ever again? Or at least exceptionally rarely? When you switch to a water flosser, it’s possible.

A Better Option for People with Gum Disease

Periodontal disease creates deep “pockets” around teeth, underneath the gum tissue. While conventional floss can clean down into the pockets by about 2-3mm, it simply cannot reach down into the bottom of the pockets where most of the bacteria are hidden. But a water flosser can! Some studies show that the stream projected from a water flosser can remove plaque that’s as deep as 7mm below the edges of the gums. No other type of flossing aid can do that!

Going Where No Floss Has Gone Before

In addition to reaching deep into gum pockets, a water flosser can also reach tight spaces between teeth and underneath fixed bridges. So instead of having to thread a piece of floss through a floss threader each day and constantly weave it in and out of your various dental work, all you have to do is trace the edges of your teeth with the water flosser.

Water flossers work great for front teeth, back teeth, those with gaps, and those without. There’s hardly any space in your smile where they can’t help clean.

Gentle and Efficient on Dental Implants

If you’re one of our dental implants in Conroe patients, you know what care and dedication are needed to ensure their success. You choose non-abrasive toothpaste, avoid scrub brushing, and pay particular attention to the gums. After all, it’s gum infections that are most dangerous for the integrity of a dental implant.

Fortunately, water flossing is both gentle and effective around your dental implants. Especially if you’re in a hybrid restoration or something like TeethXpress full arch implants.

Easier if You Have Limited Dexterity

Some of us aren’t as flexible as we used to be. Especially when conditions like arthritis or other joint problems take over. Water flossers can be much easier to use for our older patients than a strand of floss or disposable floss pick. Those with wider handles that are easier to hold may be an exceptionally good pick.

Which Water Flosser is Right for Me?

There are dozens of different water flossers on the market. Some are made to attach to your bathroom sink faucet. Others have a built-in reservoir to make them more portable. Some can even be attached to your shower head, eliminating the risk of a mess while you’re cleaning your mouth. And don’t forget the ones with pressure control nobs and interchangeable tips!

We can show you some of our favorite water flosser designs and provide guidance on which one might be best for you. Otherwise, you really can’t go wrong!

Guiding You Toward Better Oral Health

The better investment you make in your smile — inducing implants and gum tissues — the longer everything will last. Call our gum and dental implant in The Woodlands specialist today to request an appointment.

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