Lasers Treatments For Gum Disease

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Jan 11, 2019

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Gum disease — also known as periodontal disease or “periodontitis” — is an infection that causes deterioration of the supporting gingiva (gums) and bone around your teeth.

Traditional treatments for gum disease include special cleanings and medication to lower the levels of infectious bacteria. But today, modern soft tissue laser therapy is improving results and healing times when used in conjunction with standard treatment.

At our periodontal office in The Woodlands, our doctors at PCE incorporate the Fotana TwinLight® dental laser. If you’ve heard of LANAP® (laser assisted new attachment procedure,) TwinLight® is a more advanced form of this type of laser gum treatment. This method decontaminates deep gum pockets and significantly improves healing in areas of severe infection.

How it Works

Using a soft tissue laser in areas of periodontal disease allows us to:

  • Safely remove diseased tissues in your gum pocket linings without damaging the healthy ones around it.
  • Clean away any remaining soft biofilm or calcified bacterial deposits, which contribute to gum infections.
  • Stimulate fibrin and coagulation of the soft tissues, reducing bleeding and enhancing the opportunity for gum reattachment onto the roots of the teeth.
  • Sealing of the infected pocket, reducing the opportunity for reinfection after treatment.

Patients undergoing TwinLight® periodontal therapy to manage their gum disease see faster and more dramatic results than treatment without a soft tissue laser.

Are Dental Lasers Safe?

Absolutely. Our Conroe and The Woodlands periodontal patients can rest assured that we’ve carefully selected the best technology to help them preserve their smiles. TwinLight® is one of the most advanced soft tissue lasers in the industry, allowing our doctors at PCE to administer precise, pinpoint treatments exactly where you need them.

The light wavelengths in soft tissue lasers work in a way that trigger faster coagulation and disinfection. Such qualities are crucial when managing a severe infection like periodontitis. Because gum pockets are often difficult to clean on your own, providing a sterile environment where the gums are already starting to reattach is the best way to position our patients on a road towards a healthy smile.

With your laser gum treatment, you can typically expect:

  • Better results from periodontal treatment
  • Shorter healing times
  • Improved gum attachment levels (pocket reduction)
  • Reduced risk of bone and tooth loss

What to Expect

Your TwinLight® procedure is a minimally invasive treatment used in lieu of (or in combination with) periodontal surgery. It takes several seconds per tooth surface for the laser to perform thorough decontamination and facilitate a tissue response. While not painful, some people prefer to have their mouth numbed with a local anesthetic to ensure they’re completely comfortable. Since laser therapy is typically combined with other gum treatments, your mouth will usually be numb during the treatment.

Looking for Laser Gum Treatment?

Our licensed periodontist in The Woodlands and Conroe delivers gentle, advanced laser therapy to help you manage gum disease in the most effective manner possible. If you’ve struggled with years of bleeding gums and recession, you owe it to yourself to see a gum specialist before it’s too late.

Contact our doctors at PCE today to request a new patient appointment and find out if TwinLight® laser gum treatment is right for you.

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