Jump-Start Your Gums Toward Better Health

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Jan 03, 2022

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Healthy gum tissues are the key to a stable, secure smile in the years ahead. But with conditions like gingivitis and periodontal disease weakening your gum tissue, your chances of a “dream smile” can come to a screeching halt. Fortunately, working with a periodontal specialist to treat gum infection early can benefit both your teeth and your overall health.

What Causes Infected Gums?

Bacteria along your gumlines and just under the edges of your tissues will cause your gums to detach and create “pockets” around your tooth roots. Infected pockets harbor bacterial colonies, which in turn weaken the bone tissue in that space. Over time, minor infections like gingivitis progress into more advanced infections like severe periodontal disease.

How to Treat Infected Gums

Conventional dental treatments for gum disease typically include a series of deep cleanings or periodontal therapy visits. These appointments involve physically removing the soft and calcified bacteria from around the roots of affected teeth. Unfortunately, there’s also a chance for small amounts of bacteria to be left behind, particularly if the cleaning is only performed using mechanical instrumentation.

Laser Pocket Disinfection

One of the best and most effective ways to stop gum disease in its tracks is through laser therapy. Using an FDA-approved soft tissue laser, our gum expert can treat the delicate area just under the gumlines where harmful bacteria are hiding. As the laser is traced through the tight areas and deep pockets, it safely eliminates the source of infection while sterilizing the tissues in those spaces.

Not only does laser disinfection help to halt gum disease, but it also jump-starts the recovery process by reducing inflammation and triggering the healing process. The stimulation of the laser in that immediate location safely enhances the healthy tissues while targeting diseased cells and bacteria.

Laser Dental Cleanings

Undergoing laser pocket disinfection is a little different than a typical dental cleaning. During these laser cleanings, we still physically remove large amounts of bacteria with special hygiene instruments. Once all of the teeth are fairly clean, the laser is placed into the gum sulcus or pocket around each tooth to destroy any remaining bacterial colonies. The process only takes a matter of seconds to complete. When undergoing a full mouth laser cleaning, the therapy adds about 10 minutes to your dental appointment.

Laser cleanings are safe for all patients, including those who have dental implants, fixed bridges, or ceramic dental crowns.

Bleeding Gums? Ask About a Laser Cleaning

Laser technology allows us to provide safe, gentle, and effective gum treatments for people who might otherwise have difficulty managing their oral health. If you’ve struggled with chronic gingivitis or gum disease in the past, laser treatments can give your smile the jump-start they deserve toward improved wellness.

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If you’re struggling with chronic inflammation or bleeding, laser therapy can help you get your smile’s health back on track.

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