It’s Time To Use Your Yearly Dental Benefits

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Oct 20, 2019

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Every December 31st, your dental insurance benefits expire. No matter how much credit you still had on your annual maximum allowable (how much your insurance will pay out each calendar year) you won’t be able to roll it into 2020. It’s gone. Bye. Adios! There’s no getting it back. If you didn’t use it, you lose it…even though you and your employer both paid into it.

Since you can’t roll your 2019 dental benefits into 2020 treatments, it’s best to start scheduling your necessary treatment now, before your coverage expires. That way if you only get to start part of your treatment, at least some of it is covered by your dental insurance plan.

How Much of My Treatment is Covered?

Depending on your specific dental insurance plan, most policies will cover up to somewhere around $1,500-$2,000 in dental services per year. That’s after you’ve met any required deductibles (which may be as little as $50) and co-pays for the type of procedure you’re getting.

For example, a basic dental treatment might be covered at 80% by your insurance policy, while a more major procedure is covered at 50% or 60%. Since each dental plan is unique, our insurance coordinators will get a breakdown of your estimated benefits to help tabulate what your policy will pay for.

Your dental insurance policy will only pay for certain types of oral health procedures. If they render them medically necessary or a medical procedure, then you may need to have the treatment filed towards your traditional medical insurance policy.

Your Benefits Reset on January 1st

As soon as New Years’ Day rolls around, your dental insurance benefits completely reset. Any benefits not used in 2019 are history, and you go back to a starting point with refreshed deductibles and annual maximum allowable.

So, if you need extensive dental work done — or are planning something like Conroe dental implants — then the end of the year is a great time to start your treatment! You can use up all of your benefits in November and December of 2019 around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays (or just before New Years’ Eve) to take advantage of your individual policy. Then when January 1st hits, you’re able to re-apply your newly reset benefits towards the next phase of treatment.

The sooner you take care of your smile, the less money you’ll have to spend out of pocket on dental care in the future. After all, oral health problems don’t get better on their own; they simply become more complex to treat!

Schedule Today. Time is Running Out

If you’re one of the people waiting until the end of 2019 to schedule your dental treatment, you’re not alone. Now is the time where there’s usually a rush to use up your benefits before they expire. So, if you need periodontal treatment or are planning a large case related to something like full mouth reconstruction, it’s time to get started right away.

For specialized periodontal treatments, laser gum therapy, and dental implants in The Woodlands call our Conroe periodontist. Book your consultation now, while there are still openings!

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