Is Periodontal Care Medically Necessary?

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER May 27, 2020

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With dental office closures during COVID-19, many Conroe and The Woodlands families are wondering whether or not their oral health needs qualify as “medically necessary”. With medical and surgical procedures being delayed and rescheduled, it’s confusing as to what is or isn’t actually urgent.

When it comes to dental health, there’s a close link to your overall wellness. Untreated gum infections — like a periodontal disease — can statistically raise your risk of more serious health infections. For instance, the bacteria can be inhaled, triggering a respiratory infection, or pneumonia. And when bacteria spread from your mouth and into the bloodstream, they can become lodged in blood vessels raising your chances of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. Diabetics can also see troubles, as blood glucose levels are hard to regulate with existing gum infections.

But when your periodontitis is treated, all of those other health conditions tend to improve or become easier to manage. Why? Because there are fewer bacteria spreading throughout your body and your immune system doesn’t have to work as hard.

So yes, periodontal care is essential to maintaining your overall health. Having to delay your treatment for too long could — potentially — put you at a higher risk of succumbing to other illnesses because of your compromised immune system.

Fortunately, our periodontist in The Woodlands and Conroe is able to provide safe and effective gum disease treatments as dentist offices are reopening following the

COVID-19 pandemic. Although you’ll notice extra safety protocols and protective measures, we’re still able to provide your Conroe family with the quality, comprehensive dental treatment you need to stay healthy.

What Happens When You Treat Periodontal Disease?

Periodontitis lies well below your gum tissues, inside of deep “pockets” around each tooth. By cleaning out the soft plaque biofilm and calcified tartar in those areas, it creates a clean environment that can begin to heal. When you maintain it with proper home care, those tissues stop bleeding, the inflammation goes away, and ideally, the gums begin to reattach at the bottom of your periodontal pockets. When all of these factors come together, it prevents oral bacteria from transferring into your bloodstream.

Turning to a Specialist

Aggressive gum disease is something that you can’t treat on your own at home.

Medically necessary periodontal therapy from a specialist like our cosmetic dentist/periodontist in Conroe is the only option available. Dr. Saunders’s resources and technology allow us to effectively, safely, and comfortably treat your periodontal infections so that you can enjoy a healthier life. Plus, it lowers your chances of tooth loss.

If you or a family member is already “at-risk” for illness or considered high risk during the COVID-19 crisis, you might actually be in greater need of periodontal therapy than you realized. Being proactive about treating your chronic dental disease could be one of the best things that you do for your overall health.

For more information on gum treatments and cosmetic dentistry in The Woodlands and Conroe, call Dr. Kip Saunders today.

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