How To Find The Best Cosmetic Dentist

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Mar 20, 2022

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Are you about to finally make the investment in a smile makeover? Maybe you’re just ready to address a few missing teeth. Whatever the case, finding the best cosmetic dentist in Conroe will help ensure you get the results you want in a comfortable, high-quality atmosphere.

Here’s what you should look for:

Ask About Their Credentials

Is your dentist or specialist a member of any specific boards or organizations related to cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry? Most cosmetic dentists in The Woodlands will have additional training in areas of care related to advanced restorations, soft tissue therapies, laser dentistry, dental implants, or other specific treatments.

Look at Before and After Profiles

Seeing is believing, especially when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Look at the dentist’s website to see if they have an online album of before and after cases. Or ask to see their photo album once you’re at their office for a consultation. Finding a case that’s similar to yours can help you feel more confident about what your cosmetic dentist is able to do for you.

Ask About Financing Options

Since cosmetic dentistry usually isn’t covered under dental insurance, your provider may offer affordable financing with interest as low as 0%. The best part is you can usually get immediate approval to start on your smile makeover right away.

Understand Cosmetic Dentistry Isn’t “One Size Fits All”

Some Conroe cosmetic dentists may promise the best dental veneers, Botox, gummy smile treatments, or teeth whitening. But here’s the secret: the best smile makeovers aren’t cookie cutter; they’re tailored to the unique needs, timeline, budget, and preferences of the individual. What you need to help your teeth look their best will be different than your friend or neighbor. So, find a cosmetic dentist in The Woodlands who can walk you through the process tooth-by-tooth, finding a combination of the best services to give you the overall results you’re looking for.

Look at Their Experience

How long as the dentist been in practice? If you’re considering something complex like getting dental implants, you want to make sure your provider has completed hundreds of other cases before yours. If they’ve been specializing for a long time, you can feel confident knowing you’re in the best hands possible.

Consider a Consultation and/or Second Opinion

Consulting with a cosmetic dentist doesn’t lock you in as a patient at their office. Rather, it can help you decide whether that dentist is the best for your needs. How does their chairside manner and overall personality mesh with your own? Is their staff friendly and attentive to your needs? Are they pushing you to get treatment you don’t want? Sometimes, your “gut” plays just as important of a role in choosing your dentist as all of your research does!

Our doctors at PCE are one of Conroe’s most experienced board-certified periodontal experts. If you’re looking for dental implants in The Woodlands, contact us today to request a consultation!

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