How Effective Is Laser Gum Therapy?

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Jun 07, 2019

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When you compare today’s laser gum treatments to conventional gum surgery techniques, is one better than the other? Or safer? Before you choose a gum specialist in The Woodlands, understanding the types of therapies offered can help you select the best dental provider.

Safe on Healthy Gingiva

When people think of dental lasers, it’s common to assume that the laser itself will destroy all of the tissue that it comes into contact with. But that’s actually not the case.

Since dental lasers come in various varieties and can be adjusted to the tissue area, it’s possible to safely treat your gums without damaging healthy gingiva around them.

In the instance of periodontal therapy, we can completely eliminate pathogenic bacteria from your gum pockets without causing damage to attached gingiva. That way your healthy gums stay as is and only the infection is destroyed.

Faster Healing and Recovery

Using soft tissue lasers on healthy gum tissues can stimulate new attachment between your gingiva and the root surfaces of teeth. If you’re suffering from deep periodontal pockets, laser gum therapy may be the difference in saving your smile and scheduling extractions.

When gum pockets are treated with lasers, you’ll have a clean environment where the tissue can start healing faster (since the bacteria are eliminated.) Our periodontal patients in The Woodlands often recover more quickly from their laser gum treatments than they do conventional periodontal surgery or deep cleaning.

The best part? You’ll be on the mend even sooner since our Conroe laser gum treatments don’t cause any unnecessary swelling or discomfort. That means you’ll be back to your normal routine and work schedule sooner than ever.

Combined with Adjunctive Gum Therapies

Sometimes the best thing for our Conroe periodontal patients is to undergo traditional gum treatments with laser therapy on top of their conventional procedure. After physically removing heavy tartar buildup, pocket reduction, or bone grafts, your laser gum therapy can increase the success of your procedure for the most predictable outcome and tooth preservation.

Lasers reduce bleeding and swelling, both of which are common side-effects of conventional gum treatments. We use them in most periodontal procedures because of how gentle and successful they are for our Houston patients.

Periodontal Laser Care in The Woodlands

Our doctors at PCE have invested in one of the most advanced dental lasers available, allowing us to perform periodontal plastic surgery right here in Conroe. Lasers are safe, effective, and protect your natural smile as long as possible.

If you’re feeling nervous, we can perform your laser treatment under nitrous oxide, oral, or IV conscious sedation.

No More Options?

If you’re at risk of losing your teeth because of aggressive gum disease and bone loss, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our periodontist in The Woodlands. Our specialty practice works closely with you and your primary dental provider to find the least invasive therapies available to save your smile.

Request a consultation at our practice today to learn more.

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