Gum Treatment: With Or Without A Laser?

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Aug 14, 2019

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For decades, getting periodontal (gum) treatment usually meant seeing a gum specialist for surgery, grafts, or progressive techniques to prevent tooth loss.

Although many of these procedures are still used — and successful — today, modern technology has changed how efficient and predictable gum treatments can be. It’s all thanks to laser therapy developments that are safe for delicate soft tissues.

Faster Healing

Soft tissue lasers lightly cauterize the tissues that they’re applied to. This characteristic allows our Conroe periodontist to perform gum surgeries or therapies that take less time to heal or recover from. In fact, the treated gingiva tends to experience little to no bleeding or swelling afterward.

Since inflammation is typically the biggest contributing factor of post-operative discomfort, incorporating lasers into our periodontal practice means less pain or need for medication compared to conventional techniques.

More Thorough Procedures

Manual gum treatments with traditional instruments can effectively treat periodontal infections. However, using laser gum treatments in conjunction with conventional methods can significantly increase the efficacy of the procedure

For example, incorporating lasers into a deep cleaning (periodontal scaling and root planing) removes more infectious bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth, bottom of the gum pockets, and outer-layer of the tissue lining.

Better Results After Treatment

Adding lasers to your periodontal therapy shows a statistically better rate of healing, recovery, and prevention of relapse compared to conventional gum treatments. By investing in such state-of-the-art resources, we can provide the highest quality of care for each patient that entrusts us with their smiles. During follow ups, laser-treated patients tend to exhibit better results in regard to tissue reattachment.

Since lasers allow us to create precise contours without any (or much) bleeding, the results are immediately visible. This means there’s less of a risk for something to be looked over or need to be adjusted at a follow up appointment. Essentially, adding lasers to certain types of procedures gives you same day results.

Are Lasers Always Used?

There are certain types of gum surgery that are successfully performed without lasers. Lasers are usually only incorporated into your appointment if there is active disease or the need to reshape the gum tissues. A laser can replace conventional surgical instruments, but it does not eliminate them for good.

Different types of dental lasers work in different ways. For instance, some Houston dentists perform shot-free and drill-free fillings with a laser that’s designed for hard tissues. Others are used for things like teeth whitening or tooth desensitizing.

These types of lasers may not be the same ones you would want used on your gums. The type of laser that your dentist or gum specialist has in their office will dictate whether it’s something that can be added onto a particular procedure.

Find Out if Laser Treatment is Right for You

Are you looking for a comfortable, less-invasive gum treatment? When you need to get back on your feet in less time, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with periodontal expert. Our practice is conveniently located close to The Woodlands and Conroe, serving the North Houston communities.

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