Four Reasons To Consider Laser Gum Treatment

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Jan 16, 2020

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When it comes to finding the best soft tissue cosmetic dentist in The Woodlands, you want to be sure to find an office that provides state-of-the-art laser therapy. Here are four reasons why.

Faster Recovery Time

Inflammation is one of the most common causes of post-operative discomfort. But when we’re able to reduce the chances of swelling, you’ll have a faster recovery time so that you can get back to your normal schedule as quickly as possible.

For example, if a particular oral surgery procedure is completed with a scalpel, you would require sutures or a medicated dressing afterwards. To add to that, you might even need as long as a week off from work or school. Plus, the added swelling would mean medications to manage any discomfort.

Fortunately, dental lasers significantly decrease the amount of swelling and bleeding at the site of a soft tissue procedure. So, when it’s completed, you have less down time or need for a pain reliever. Depending on the treatment being performed, you might even be able to go back to work the next day. Our Conroe periodontist can give you a more accurate estimate of your surgery needs during your initial consultation.

More Comfortable Treatment Experience

Incorporation of soft tissue lasers reduces and eliminates the need for more invasive surgical techniques. Lasers can be used with no to little local anesthetic, depending on the part of your mouth that’s being treated. As a result, you don’t have to worry about as much discomfort or undergoing sedation for a seemingly streamlined procedure.

The accuracy of lasers also helps to shorten the overall length of your appointment, making your visit more efficient. If you’re worried about sitting for a longer procedure or your jaw being sore because of how long your mouth needs to be open, lasers can reduce the amount of time you’re sitting in the dental chair!

Improved Results

When we combine laser gum treatments with conventional periodontal therapies, our patients see better results than if they had completed the procedure without lasers. For example, deep cleanings that remove bacteria inside of periodontal pockets with physical methods may see a reduction of 1-2mm pocket depth after the scaling. But using a laser after the mechanical removal of the debris can help to jumpstart the soft tissue reattachment process, increasing your likelihood of pocket reduction after the procedure.

Better Accuracy

Your mouth is highly vascular. That means even the slightest incision can lead to extensive bleeding, which interferes with visibility during your dental procedure. With invasive surgical tools, it’s a challenge to ensure proper isolation and inspection of the area being treated.

Since a dental laser will gently cauterize the soft tissues as it treats the area, there’s little to no bleeding involved. As such, your laser gum procedure in The Woodlands will be more accurate when it comes to treating a specific part of your mouth.

Over 30 Years’ Experience

Visit with Conroe periodontist to learn more about how soft tissue lasers can transform your smile for the better. Call today!

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