Five Characteristics Of A Beautiful Smile

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Mar 28, 2021

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You know a gorgeous smile when you see one. But have you ever stopped to analyze or break down the characteristics of what exactly makes some teeth more attractive than others?

1: Symmetrical Tooth Shape and Size

Symmetry is a crucial element when it comes to beauty. When you have teeth that seem out of shape or different than the partners on the other side of your mouth, they can stand out and attract unnecessary attention. Rather, you want a symmetrical side-to-side consistency from one side of your mouth to the other.

Everything from the edges of teeth (like small chips or a short tooth) to disproportionate sizing can come under scrutiny. But when there’s near-perfect symmetry, our eyes find it naturally attractive.

2: No Teeth are Missing

Just one missing tooth can detract from the appearance of your entire smile. It doesn’t matter how bright or healthy the other teeth are, it’s the missing one that will attract the most attention. The space it creates can also change the profile of your face, as your lip or cheek will be more likely to appear “sunken in” in that specific area.

3: Tooth Alignment

Crooked, gapped, and otherwise misaligned teeth tend to attract more buildup, food debris and wear down prematurely than teeth that are lined up properly. Problems such as tooth loss can complicate things, as the extra space makes your smile more prone to start shifting out of the alignment you’ve had for years.

Ensuring proper tooth alignment goes beyond aesthetics though. Straighter teeth are usually healthier teeth. If you have problems related to recurring tooth decay, gum disease, or TMJ disorder, it’s worth discussing your “occlusion” (biting patterns) with your dentist.

4: The Color of Your Tooth Enamel

Not everyone is blessed with dramatically white teeth. And that’s ok. A slight yellow hue is completely normal and can still be attractive. But deep stains, discoloration, internal trauma to the nerve, or the foods we love (like coffee) can make teeth look irregularly dark. And the darker they are, the older your enamel seems.

Fortunately, there are safe and effective ways to erase deep stains — and thereby the appearance of age — with the help of a great cosmetic dentist!

5: Shape and Height of Your Gum Tissues

Let’s not forget the “frame” around your teeth: your gums. Gingival tissues ought to be smooth and scalloped along the necks of your individual teeth. But when gum tissues appear swollen, diseased, or have started to recede, they can detract from the teeth that they’re supposed to be protecting. Gum contouring and laser treatments are a common part of smile makeovers!

6: Smile Makeovers The Woodlands

Looking for an experienced cosmetic dentist The Woodlands? Our doctors at PCE provide specialized treatments like dental implants in The Woodlands, gum therapy, and smile makeovers at our office in The Woodlands. Contact us today to reserve a consultation and discover what’s possible.

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