Do You Qualify For Dental Implants?

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Jan 09, 2020

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Years ago, the requirements for getting dental implants used to be far stricter than they are today. In fact, newer adaptions of dental implant design, materials, and placement protocols have made them an option for more people than ever. Even if you had a consultation a decade ago and were told you don’t qualify for implants, that may no longer be the case.

When you visit a same day dental implants office or a cosmetic dentist Conroe patients will need to meet specific criteria like:

Adequate Bone Support

You need a certain amount of bone structure in your jaw to support an implant. Thanks to 3D scanning, we can evaluate your jaws from various angles, measuring the density and size to ensure that there’s room for the implant to rest inside of your mouth. If you don’t have enough bone, we can use the 3D replica to locate other areas of your jaw for the implant site, or even perform bone augmentation where new height/width is added to the jaw, making room for the implant prior to surgery.

Medical Clearance

Oour doctors at PCE will want to walk through your health background, including recent surgeries, hospitalizations, and medications that you’re taking. Certain types of medical issues or prescriptions could interfere with the success of your dental implant placement, making the process less predictable.

Similarly, smoking and using tobacco products — or being a diabetic — can pose additional challenges for an implant case. Both of these situations can make it more challenging for your mouth and body to heal the way we would like. Our doctors at PCE will want to assess your needs on a case-by-case basis.

No Active Gum Disease

The leading cause of implant failure is a condition known as “peri-implantitis.” Essentially, it’s the implant form of gum disease. So, if you have active periodontal infections, our Conroe gum specialist will need to treat your existing oral condition and establish a healthy environment before it’s time for your implant surgery. At that point, you’ll want to have excellent oral hygiene to make sure your gums and bone continue to stay healthy. With a great preventative care plan and ongoing prophylactic appointments, it’s possible!

The Experience of Your Implant Dentist

Some dentists don’t offer implants to certain patients because the situation requires more experience, technology, or skill than what they’re comfortable with or have access to. That doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t qualify for dental implants. If you’re looking for a specialist in The Woodlands who has the added resources to make dental implants a possibility, you’ll want to talk to our Conroe periodontist.

Our doctors at PCE have been placing dental implants for over 30 years. His extensive experience means he knows what works (or won’t) when it comes to unique patient cases who might not otherwise qualify for implant treatment.

For more information on dental implants in The Woodlands or to find out if you qualify for newer implant treatments, schedule your private consultation with periodontal expert today!

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