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Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Dec 13, 2019

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For someone who has multiple missing teeth or upcoming tooth extractions (The Woodlands), having a plan for your future smile is crucial. Options like same-day dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation can help you maintain your diet, enhance your confidence, and improve your appearance!

Teeth in a Day (Teeth Xpress)

Our dental implant / cosmetic dentist (Conroe) offers an innovative solution for full mouth reconstruction. It’s called Teeth Xpress and uses strategically placed implants to permanently support a hybrid, streamlined appliance in your upper or lower arch. The restoration mimics that of an extended bridge, providing optimal aesthetics and function!

This life-changing implant treatment is ideal for people who have multiple missing teeth or upcoming extractions. As long as your supporting bone and gum tissues are healthy, then it’s an option to consider same-day dental implants. 

During a Teeth Xpress treatment, our implant and cosmetic dentist will arrange for you to be comfortably sedated and then each implant installed while it feels like you’re sleeping. A fixed prosthesis is attached on the very same day. When you start to wake up and look in the mirror, you’ll see a brand new, healthy-looking smile. 

Even though Teeth Xpress gives you new teeth in a day, you’ll want to come back after your implants have fully integrated to have a few adjustments made. The “smile” you wear while you heal is just a temporary one. Your Conroe cosmetic dentist will design a permanent fixed appliance to replace it once you’ve fully recovered (about four months later.) That being said, with Teeth Xpress you’ll never have to go with missing teeth!

As a periodontal specialist, our doctors at PCE have the resources and technology available to safely offer same day implants in our practice. That’s why we work with so many cosmetic dentists in The Woodlands to provide full mouth reconstruction. Our therapies are streamlined, gentle, and highly successful for the patients that we serve. 

With teeth in a day, you can plan exactly how white and youthful you want your new smile to look! Each case is carefully hand designed for maximum, individualized aesthetics. 

Paying for Same Day Dental Implants

The cost of a same day dental implant case is an investment that changes your life almost immediately. Thanks to innovative technology, we can perform the procedure in a streamlined setting all at once. The best part? You can start as soon as you’re ready, thanks to flexible low-interest and 0% financing options like CareCredit and Lending Club. Apply online or in our office, and you instantly have accessible payment options on anything that’s not covered by your dental insurance. There are no restrictions! Everything from implants to cosmetic dentistry in The Woodlands is covered. 

“Do I Qualify for Teeth Xpress?”

Reserve your consultation with our dental implant expert in The Woodlands today. Our doctors at PCE have been transforming lives and smiles with same day dental implants for over three decades. Contact us to book your first appointment!

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