Common Reasons To Extract A Tooth

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Oct 11, 2019

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As a dental specialist, our doctors at PCE are focused on helping our patients retain their teeth as long as possible. However, there come times where you may need to have a tooth extraction in The woodlands. The Woodlands families often turn to our specialty clinic for second opinions, surgical extractions, and full mouth reconstruction related to tooth loss.

Some of the reasons why we may reemphasize the need for tooth removal include:

Same Day Dental Implants — When you need to restore the beauty of your natural smile, should you turn to a cosmetic dentist? Conroe implant expert our doctors at PCE offer same day implants (or “All-on-Four” as most people call them) to restore your missing teeth on the same date as your scheduled extractions.

Getting your teeth removed on the same visit as your implant placement eliminates the need to go without teeth for any period of time. We can place same-day restorations that allow you to talk, smile, and eat comfortably while overcoming the embarrassing stigma of missing teeth.

Advanced Periodontal Disease — Extensive gum disease causes deterioration of the structures keeping your teeth in place. As the bone and gums around your teeth start to shrink away, they pose concerns related to mobility and integrity. At a certain point, there’s not enough left to help retain the affected teeth. Having them extracted and replaced might be something you would ask of your family or cosmetic dentist. The Woodlands patients are frequently referred to our implant and gum specialist to make sure an extraction is in their best interest.

Extensive Trauma or Decay — If you have a cracked root, severe wear, fractures, or not enough structure left to repair, then it’s best to get a tooth extraction Conroe. Conroe patients of our doctors at PCE have access to comfortable sedation dentistry during their care so that they can relax and feel at ease no matter what procedure is planned.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Other less common examples of needing to have a tooth extraction include things like cysts, impacted wisdom teeth, orthodontic complications, and dental emergencies.

When you visit us for an extraction consultation, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both treatment choices, so that you can feel better equipped to make an educated decision about the future of your smile.

Many of our patients come to us on the recommendations of their family or cosmetic dentist in the Woodlands. Conroe periodontist works closely with your primary oral health provider to oversee specialized care and treatments that may not be available in conventional dental practices.

Book Your Consultation Today

We believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy, stable, beautiful smile that they can feel proud of. Even if you need to have a tooth extraction, there are a variety of opportunities available to restore your bite’s natural form and function. Dental implants are just one example.

Contact our office today to see why so many dentists and their patients have trusted us for our expert care.

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