Caring For More Than Just Your Smile

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Aug 24, 2021

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We provide expert care for your teeth, gums, and placing dental implants. But our relationship with patients as dental specialists goes beyond just that of their smiles. We want to equip people with the resources they need to have healthy teeth for life. In turn, we can help them improve their overall level of wellness.

Treating You Like Family

If you’ve ever felt rushed in-and-out of a dental office, you may feel more like a number than you do a patient. But our doctors at PCE's attention to detail and connection with each of our clients is essential to our mission. When we care for you like a member of our own family, it ensures that we deliver the best care in a confident, comfortable setting. When you feel great about the care you receive, you’ll enjoy reduced dental anxiety and be empowered about your smile’s future.

The Impact on Your Health

The health status of your gums, bone and oral tissues all play a part in your overall wellness. Most people don’t realize the close link between oral bacteria, gum disease, and secondary medical concerns. As we work with you to identify co-existing health conditions and risk factors, you’re better equipped to manage both your dental and systemic health at one time.

We Promise You’ll Feel Heard Here

Having an oral health care provider who values your concerns, experiences, and priorities is key to providing exceptional care. By developing relationships with our patients and taking the time necessary to understand all aspects of their smile’s needs, we enable others to feel more confident about their oral health decisions. We may be experts in dental wellness, but understanding people and valuing their concerns is just as important to us.

Should You See a Specialist?

Your general dentist — much like a GP or family physician — is capable of providing you with routine needs and preventative services. But just like a medical doctor’s office, there will be times when their resources or scope of care may not be the same as that of a specialist. For instance, your GP may need to send you to a cardiologist for your heart, or an endocrinologist for your diabetes. In this case, your general dentist would need to facilitate a visit with a periodontal specialist if you’re experiencing something like chronic gum disease. Or perhaps their dental implant services are restricted to certain criteria, so in order to receive more efficient care, it’s best to see an implant expert.

Our doctors at PCE have years of experience in periodontal and implant therapy, allowing us to facilitate specialized care in instances that require expert input. When it comes to saving your smile, we understand that quality of dentistry also means a better quality of life.

Gum and Dental Implant Specialist in The Woodlands

If you’re considering dental implant in Conroe therapy or you’ve struggled with the toll of tooth loss because of gum disease, call our Conroe dental expert today. New patients are always welcome and no referral is necessary.

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