Can I Still Schedule My Dental Treatment During COVID-19?

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER May 10, 2020

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Is it safe to see a dentist during the Coronavirus pandemic? Just a matter of weeks ago, all specialists and cosmetic dentists in Conroe and The Woodlands were ordered by Governor Abbott to shut their doors to services outside of emergency dental treatment. At our office in The Woodlands, we scrambled to delay, reschedule, and adapt our patient appointments to ensure proper social distancing protocols.

Now that the State of Texas is re-opening and dentist’s offices are allowed to see patients for routine care again, is it safe? Some people are hesitant about going out into public, eating at restaurants, or seeing a dentist during COVID-19.

Fortunately, our specialty dental clinic are equipped to provide comprehensive care in a safe setting for our patients. So, whether you need gum therapy or are thinking about getting a smile makeover with dental implants, you can still access the care that you need.

And yes – we’re taking extra precautions to ensure our patient and staff’s safety at all times. Some of the measures we’ve taken include added screening, taking temperatures, enhanced PPE protocols, and even triple air purification systems throughout our offices (to remove aerosols and airborne pathogens.) We’ll even have you check-in from your car, so that you don’t need to sit in the reception area with other guests.

Since your oral health is so intricately linked with your overall wellness, staying up to date on your dental care is a great way to keep your immune system strong and enhance your overall health. Otherwise, dental disease bacteria can spread from your mouth into other parts of your body, putting you at a higher risk of medical problems and diseases. You could almost say that it’s better to see your dentist during COVID-19 than it is to avoid the dentist’s office!

At this time, we ask that instead of coming in person to request an appointment, you call to schedule. This step will eliminate additional visitors and help us maintain proper social distancing. Our modified appointment book helps prevent too many people from being here at once, so that you won’t need to encounter other patients or their guests. Each visit is staggered so as to minimize passing other third parties in the reception area or hallways.

Our staff are committed to protecting you and your family at all times. Although our safety precautions may seem a bit “extreme” (such as disinfecting the reception area between guests, or wearing surgical masks at our front desk) you can know it’s in the best interest of Conroe and The Woodlands families like yours. Minimizing cross-contamination and airborne particles is an effective way for us to slow the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus.

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in Conroe and The Woodlands that’s open? Need specialized gum disease treatments? Call our expert, our doctors at PCE today to request an appointment. We’re open, ready, and happy to help you enjoy quality dentistry in a safe environment.

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