Best Implants To Replace All Of Your Teeth

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Oct 20, 2020

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If you’re planning to replace all of your teeth, have your teeth pulled and replaced with dentures, or are thinking about dental implants, we highly encourage you to speak to a specialist before you rush into any hasty decisions. Although chronic dental problems can be discouraging and debilitating, there are long-term solutions out there that could potentially be even better.

dental implants The Woodlands provide a tooth replacement option that’s:

  • Designed to last for life
  • Mimics the function of natural teeth
  • Is non-invasive to remaining healthy teeth
  • Easy to maintain
  • Supportive to your facial tissues and bone

Single vs. Full Mouth Implants

Individual dental implants are great for areas where there are specific teeth that are missing. Getting a single implant allows us to preserve the integrity and function of your remaining healthy teeth. If you have several teeth that are able to be retained, we encourage you to keep them. Placing specific implants between your healthy teeth will restore your smile back to optimal form and function.

When most or all of your teeth are missing, it may be better to replace all of them with something like TeethXpress full arch implants. In The Woodlands, our doctors at PCE have provided full mouth implant therapy for over two decades. The TeethXpress system incorporates strategically placed implants to support a full arch restoration experience, instead of requiring individual implants for each missing tooth.

Opting for TeethXpress may mean using as few as four dental implants per arch. Plus, it’s a truly customized alternative to popular “clear choice” dental implant systems

Benefits of TeethXpress

If you’re looking for same day tooth replacement, dental implants like TeethXpress provide a more comfortable and aesthetic choice over conventional dentures. Yes, dentures can be made quickly. But they’re also a removable device that can rub your gum tissues, feel bulky, or even make talking and mealtime difficult.

With a TeethXpress dental implant treatment, you can enjoy a uniquely individualized plan that puts comfort, performance, and overall aesthetics first. That’s something a traditional set of dentures can’t do.

TeethXpress streamlines the full arch restoration process, so that you don’t need to physically place a single implant and crown at each specific tooth location. The 4-6 implants installed are more than durable enough to support your entire bite without compromising chewing quality or speech patterns. That way you can minimize your treatment needs while optimizing the overall outcome of your dental implant investment.

Are TeethXpress Dental Implants Right for Me?

Do you need to remove your existing teeth due to aggressive periodontal disease, bone loss, erosion, or decay? Do you need to replace all of your teeth at once? Are you healthy enough to get dental implants?

If so, then our same day dental implants in The Woodlands could be the best solution for your lifestyle’s needs.

Find Out if You Qualify

For honest advice backed by state-of-the-art care, request your consultation today.

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