Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Posted by PCE DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER Feb 26, 2021

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These days it’s nearly impossible to browse the internet, drive down the road, or watch a few hours of TV without seeing an ad for dental implants in Houston. But are implants really cut out to be as amazing as people say they are?


Compared to other options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants

Feel Like a Natural Smile All Over Again

Dental implants in The Woodlands are modeled after natural, anatomical teeth. That means no large, bulky, loose-fitting appliances getting in your way. So instead of a denture covering the roof of your mouth (and interfering with both meals and speaking clearly) you’ll have a streamlined restoration that lines up with your natural teeth.

The slimmer contour of dental implant restorations means hardly any impact on your normal daily activities. From eating firmer textures of foods to enjoying the savory flavors of your favorite dish, dental implants won’t get in the way of enjoying those favorite dishes you love to share with your family. And thanks to the slimmer contours of implant restorations, even full-arch treatments won’t make a huge impact on the way your speech patterns sound.

Permanently Replace Your Missing Teeth

Today’s dental implants can last for decades on end. And if you care for them properly each day, we typically expect them to last for the rest of your life. Once you have them, you can usually plan on enjoying them for years to come. In fact, implants have the highest success rate (just over 98%) of any modern-day restorative treatment. You’re not just investing in something short-term; you’re getting the full advantages of what’s almost like being able to start over again completely.

Are the Smartest Investment You Could Make

Dental implants don’t have to be “updated” every 5, 10, or 15 years like some restorations do. Once you’ve invested in them, they’re there to stay. The investment you’ve made in your smile is one that outlasts and outperforms all of the other options out there. Essentially, you’re saving yourself both time and money by investing in the “gold standard” treatment from the get-go, rather than something that may seem cheaper but cost you more money as the years go by.

The Treatment May be Easier Than You Expect

Depending on the complexity of your treatment needs, getting dental implants could be a short, simple procedure. But even more complex cases can be completed comfortably and accurately, for faster healing and recovery times. If you’ve ever had a tooth extracted, most people say that it’s even easier to get a dental implant. Their minimally-invasive design means that a straightforward implant could theoretically be placed using only a small amount of local anesthetic.

Can be Tailored To Almost Anyone

Our doctors at PCE have been dental implant specialists for years. So, whether you have straightforward needs or something much more complex, we can help you find a dental implant solution that fits your needs.

Find out of our implants in The Woodlands and Conroe are right for you. Contact us today to reserve an appointment.

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